Hello! Welcome to the Newbies Guide to the Warrior Cat Roleplaying Fanon Wiki!

Here, you will learn all the basic things about how to have a happy stay here!

How to create a ClanEdit

Here you will learn how to create a Clan page, step by step.

1: Click the "Contribute" button.

2: Click "Add a page" (example: Cloudclan)

3: Be sure to add the list of Members, and a past story if you want!

How to create a CatEdit

1: Do the first and second step in How to create a Clan

2: Be sure to make the title the name of your cat.

3: Describe your cat. What gender is it? What clan is it from? Does it have kits?

4: Be creative. Add a photo!

How to add to your User pageEdit

1: See that picture up in the top right corner there? Click it. It takes you to your User Page.

2: Be creative! Talk about yourself, what you like, what State or Country are you from?